Bonnie Polarny Błękit*PL

Bonnie is a unique and independent cat who takes after her mother in many ways. With her striking blue eyes and a lovely face profile, Bonnie is a stunning feline. While she may be a bit shy at times, her individualistic nature sets her apart and adds to her charm. Her distinctive personality and beautiful features make her a special and cherished member of the family. She was recently spayed. She is looking for a new responsible home where she will be loved.

Date of birth: 09.08.2021

Sex: Female

EMS code: Rag n03 (Seal Bicolor)

Father: Acapulco Tradrags

Mother: Dżamila Przytulanka*PL

Medical test results: GSDIV N/N

                PRA N/N

                HCM 1/3 N/N

                PKD N/N

                PK N/N

                SMA N/N

Blood type: B (homozygous b/b)