For future owners

Booking and buying kittens

Buying a kitten is a serious decision that must be well thought out. It should be remembered that this is not the purchase of a thing, but a living being who has feelings (and needs them) and, contrary to popular belief about Ragdolls, feels pain (both physical and mental). The young kitten will live in a new family for several years. Kittens in a new home must receive the same care and care they receive here. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten if we have doubts about whether the potential owner will be able to properly care for it.

Booking process

The kittens’ photos are posted on our website. One can observe their growth.

We pre-book the selected kitten for you after declaring your will to buy a kitten. The condition for a complete reservation of a kitten is the payment of a deposit. We are waiting for the payment for 3 days from the initial booking. It is always possible to see the kittens in person, which we encourage you to do. The kitten is fully reserved for you after receiving the deposit. In the case of resignation from the purchase, the down payment will be forfeited in full. Please make a thoughtful decision!

Classification of kittens

Cat “for the family” – that is, a companion cat. It is a cat that cannot be reproduced or exhibited at cat shows. A cat is in health and valuable, although it may have slight deviations in color or body build from the ideal breed standard.

Cat for shows – it is a cat with a perfect type of color and body build according to breed standard. It can be exhibited at cat shows, but has no breeding rights. Of course, above all it is a wonderful family companion.

Cat for breeding and shows – it is a cat with a perfect color and body build, which can be exhibited at cat shows and has breeding rights.

The terms of selling a cat for breeding are set individually. We sell cats only for legal breeding. We do not ship cats unattended. We prefer personal collection, or we can deliver the cat at the expense of the buyer after prior arrangement.

Kittens pick-up

We issue our kittens when they are at least 3 months old. Then, they are socialized, can use the litter box and the scratching post. Please reserve at least 2 hours to pick up your kitten. We will discuss the purchase contract of a cat, give some advice and answer your questions.

On the day of cat pick up, the new owners receive:

– kitten 😊 (chipped, vaccinated and dewormed).

– Purchase contract of a cat.

– a medical record book, in which all the kittens deworming and vaccinations will be listed and in the case of sale outside Poland – a passport.

– a lineage issued by the FPL (part of FIFE). If a cat is designated as “for a family” and is received prior to castration/sterilization, we would send a lineage after providing the veterinary certified statement of performed castration/sterilization procedure.

– an advice on nutrition, grooming and health.

– a surprise layette.

After picking up the cat, you can always contact us for advice on our pupils. We will always help with our knowledge and experience as much as possible.

Purchase contract of a cat

The contract protects the interests of all three parties involved – you, us, and, above all, the kitten. It is not a rigid contract – some of its provisions can be modified with mutual consent.

The contract in English is available upon request.