Holly Blue

Holly Blue de Amatrix

Holly arrived from the Netherlands in June 2024. She quickly charmed us with her sweet, purring nature. Holly is fearless but also friendly towards people. She loves cuddles and attention. Her deep blue eyes beautifully complement her adorable face with a perfect inverted bicolour V.

Date of birth: 13.08.2021

Sex: Female

EMS code: Rag a 03 (Blue Bicolour)

Father: Raffaello Bright Crystal, CZ

Mother: Gemma de Amatrix

Pedigree: Holly FPL

Blood type: under genetic examination
Full genetics: Holly Langford.pdf

Holly Cat Show Results

2022.03.26 (I)Klundert, NL11Ex1
2022.03.26 (II)Klundert, NL11Ex1