Morgan de Amatrix

Morgan is a lively young tomcat and very sociable. He always wants to play. He constantly demands attention and human presence. He loves being petted. It’s clear that he enjoys it, and his velvety fur returns the pleasure to the person petting him. He is very well-behaved. He is big for his age and promises to grow into a beautiful, robust tomcat. He has blue eyes, a fluffy long tail, and very distinct lynx markings on his face.


Date of  birth: 29.01.2024

Sex: Male

EMS code: Rag n 04 21 (Seal Mitted Tabby)

Father: Raffaello Bright Crystall CZ

Mother: Amore Mio Sueno Azul

Pedigree: Morgan FPL

Blood type: during genetic testing
Full genetics: during genetic testing