Sally PonCat*PL

Sally is the pervasive purring cat. She has never stopped to purr. She makes the sound of “pipipi” instead of meowing. A typical mother cat – she will feed not only her babies. She is a haven of peace and a very polite cat. She has beautiful blue eyes.

Date of birth: 14.10.2020

Sex: Female

EMS code: Rag a04 (Blue Mitted)

Father: Sisel Ameleony*PL

Mother: Wilma PonCat*PL

Medical test results: GSDIV N/N

                PRA N/N

                HCM 1/3 N/N

                PKD N/N

                PK N/N

                SMA N/N

Blood type: A (homozygous N/N)