CH Daisy

CH Daisy Polarny Błękit*PL

Daisy was born in our cattery. She inherited her character and appearance from her parents, drawing the best from both. She is a wonderful mother who cares about her children. A purr and pets that are few. She earned the title of Champion on November 4, 2023, at an international cat show in Brno.

Date of birth: 04.09.2021

Sex: Female

EMS code: Rag n04 (Seal Mitted)

Father: Kabi Przytulanka*PL

Mother: Tola PonCat*PL

Medical test results: GSDIV N/N

                PRA N/N

                HCM 1/3 N/N

                PKD N/N

                PK N/N

                SMA N/N

Blood type: A (heterozygous N/b)