JCH Elissa

PL*Ancymony Elissa

Elissa is a young cat that exudes charm and elegance. Her blue eyes capture attention and add a unique depth to her distinctive profile. She’s a cat with a heart full of warmth and joy, as evidenced by her constant purring that accompanies her almost incessantly. She’s open to closeness and cuddling, both with us and with other cats. From the moment she arrived with us, she immediately made herself a new home here. Her presence adds warmth and happiness to every day. The title of Junior Champion was awarded on February 25, 2024, at the international cat show in Warsaw. Due to health reasons, she was retired from breeding. She has a wonderful, caring family and feline companions to play with.

Date of birth: 06.04.2023

Sex: Female

EMS code: Rag n 03 (Seal Bicolour)

Father: Orlando Magic USAPURRS

Mother: RU*Iluzia Elviussdolls

Pedigree: Elissa FPL

Blood type: A/A
Full genetics: Elissa MyCatDNA.pdf

Elissa Cat Show Results

2023.10.21Gliwice, PL12Ex1, BIV
2023.10.22Gliwice, PL12Ex4
2023.11.04Brno, CZ12Ex1, BIV
2023.11.05Brno, CZ12Ex2
2023.12.02Błonie, PL11Ex1
2023.12.03Błonie, PL11Ex1, BIV, NOM
2024.01.06Ostrava, CZ11Ex3
2024.01.07Ostrava, CZ11Ex2
2024.02.17 (I)Parndorf, AT11Ex1, CACJ
2024.02.17 (II)Parndorf, AT11Ex1, CACJ
2024.02.24Warszawa, PL11Ex4
2024.02.25Warszawa, PL11Ex1, CACJ (JCH), BIV, NOM
2024.03.02Wrocław, PL11Ex1, CACJ, BIV, NOM, BIS
2024.03.03Wrocław, PL11Ex1, CACJ