KCH Tokyo

KCH PL*Ancymony Tokyo 

Tokyo is a very affectionate tomcat who adores cuddles. Additionally, he is incredibly social. He struggles to be alone and craves companionship to be with and play with. He gravitates towards people and other cats. When left alone, he starts to cry out of sadness, which is why he always has a companion. Tokyo is very curious and full of energy, always ready to explore new things. He has symmetrical inverted V markings, stunning blue eyes, a perfect profile, and body proportions. Tokyo earned the title of Kitten Champion on March 3, 2024, at an international cat show in Wrocław.


Date of  birth: 15.10.2023

Sex: Male

EMS code: Rag n 03 (Seal Bicolor)


Mother: PL*Ancymony RASPBERRY

Pedigree: Tokyo FPL

Blood type: b3/b3
Full genetics: Tokyo MyCatDNA.pdf

Tokyo Cat Show Results

2024.02.24Warszawa, PL12Ex1, CACC
2024.02.25Warszawa, PL12Ex1, CACC
2024.03.02Wrocław, PL12Ex1,
2024.03.03Wrocław, PL12Ex1, CACC (KCH)