Ines Przytulanka*PL

Ines is an individualist. She has a gentle character. She likes to be petted – of course whenever she wants to. Sometimes she has his cat’s humor, but as a Ragdoll, she is a cuddle. She attempts to be a command of the pack.

Date of birth: 12.07.2020

Sex: Female

EMS code: Rag a03 (Blue Bicolor)

Father: Toadie Darlinlildols*CAN

Mother: Klara Przytulanka*PL

Medical test results: GSDIV N/N

                PRA N/N

                HCM 1/3 N/N

                PKD N/N

                PK N/N

                SMA N/N

Blood type: A (heterozygous N/b)